The Ugly Truth about Love & Dating

The Agency

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Take it or leave it, but in the past 5 years working with singles I am beginning to think that our society has completely malfunctioned when it comes to love, dating, romance, expectations, options, too many, not enough, quality, lack of respect, being rude, not having a filter…..wanting to get married but not knowing how to be in a marriage. Wanting the *perfect person and expecting it immediately. Not understanding that it takes time to get to know someone, that just because there isn’t a spark, fireworks, love at first sight (that’s called lust) right away, we look for the next best thing so we must move on.

TO WHAT? We need to educate ourselves. Why does someone go to college for 4-8 years to build a career?  College is the foundation of where they begin their life. You graduate, you get a job, maybe you even like it. So now…

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