5 Overlooked Qualities Of A Great Romantic Partner

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I have a great friend who is a very successful businessman. He is one of those people who I would listen to and follow basically any piece of advice he gives. One of the interesting things he always says is that many times, if you want to be successful in business, you should not pursue the glamorous things. For us Americans who associate glitz and shiny objects with success, this seems a bit counter-intuitive.

The reason he says it, though, is that a lot of high-revenue businesses don’t hold the visual prestige one may expect. Construction companies, manufacturing plants for consumables, supplying people with things they need, rather than things they would gaze at longingly through a window on 5th Avenue.


The truth is, he’s right – but not just about business. This same concept translates into relationships as well. When we chase after the pretty things, we often…

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