Secrets from A Matchmaker…

The Top 10 Secrets

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 1.30.18 PM

1. Men and women write each other off way too fast; if their isn’t a romantic spark right away it must not be a fit. It’s a well known fact that romantic attraction develops, but I’ve found that most people don’t want to waste time.

2. A lot of young men aren’t taught to be chivalrous and most young women don’t know how to be open to it. Women want nice guys, but if they’re too nice in the beginning they don’t like them as much.

3. Women are just as picky as men.

4. Men and women want to get married but a lot of them can’t describe what that looks like.

5. The preconceived notion, that picture people have in their head of what she/he looks like, keeps a lot of people single.

6. Men aren’t anymore rude or arrogant then women nowadays.

7. Almost everyone THINKS way too much!! Way too much.

8. I can’t believe some of the things women have said on first dates. A first date with a virtual stranger doesn’t mean tell your worst stories or be vulgar. Or rude.

9. Men are sensitive, emotional and they want and need love just as much as women do, how this isn’t common sense is beyond my comprehension.

10. Unicorns don’t really exist, although the dating matrix is really funny we’re all a little crazy.

*This is from my own experience as a Matchmaker, hence this is not the rule.

Despite everything nothing makes us happier then finding our clients love and guiding them through this process. Love is and has always been everything.

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