As matchmakers it’s very important that we express to our clients that they should trust us and meet everyone we send them, regardless if they “feel” an attraction to the man or woman on the one page bio we send them, which is nearly impossible.

I mean how can you know if you are attracted to someone based on a photo, I have seen people who look great in photos but in person are just okay, maybe they aren’t charming or funny or intelligent.  You can’t get all that embodies who we are as people by a photo and some adjectives.

I have several cases of certain clients who just say no to everyone (even though they gave me their word that they would enjoy and trust the process) and it’s disheartening because we, or at least I, really want to make happy matches and if my clients aren’t trusting in me and the process then having a matchmaker becomes less of a luxury and more of a job.

So, what’s the bottom line here?  If you hire a matchmaker then make sure you trust them, that you make a vow to yourself to meet everyone because there is one thing I know for certain, the clients that trust us and meet all potential matches = fall in love.

Written by: Toni Bergquist, Co-owner, The Agency



One thought on “It’s called BEING OPEN MINDED

  1. Yes! I hope people take this to heart, because I also have clients that turn down meeting matches (I have had men turn down over 30) because they don’t “feel” chemistry from a photo.. uuggh!

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