When people ask us what we do for a living and we tell them we’re Matchmakers we get the funniest responses.  Wow, that must be fun, how did you learn how to be a matchmaker?  Really how did you get into that?

We learned from former bosses and co-workers and we both decided to become matchmakers because we both worked in similar fields connecting singles prior to that and we fell in love with helping people….fall in love.  My partner and I have always worked in jobs that involved helping people in some way or another but Matchmaking is quite possibly the most rewarding (when you work with people who listen and trust you) career choice for women like us.

So what makes a great Matchmaker?  Listening, listening and listening and then helping clients get out of their own way long enough to make better choices.  We recently brought in a client, a very successful 38 year old business man and he actually said I don’t think I’ll fall in love but I want to take care of someone and have someone to travel with.  We knew right after we met who would be his first match and she looked nothing like what he said he wanted but they had a lot in common.

We received an email from him after their first date, which would be their last first date because they fell in love and we know a wedding is in the near future as he recently proposed to her.  So yes, we listened and read between the lines of what he was saying and it worked.

Other facets that make a great matchmaker is the ability to be honest with clients and walk them through meeting someone they might not want to meet, or helping them understand that they aren’t going to find 100 percent perfection, it doesn’t exist.  We also try and help our clients from repeating the same patterns that keep in them stuck.

Compassion, loyalty, understanding, listening, being available, being real.  That’s what you should look for when you’re (if you are single and tired of online dating or going to bars) thinking about hiring a Matchmaker.  And no it doesn’t make you desperate, it’s a luxury service and people hire us because they don’t hit on men/women and they don’t want to date online or sit at a bar hoping to meet someone.  A great matchmaker knows what she/he is doing and it shows by the number of happy matches/engagements and marriages they have.

If you hire a Matchmaker make sure you decide that you are going to trust them and allow the process to be fun!

Written by: Toni Bergquist and Sena Schmidt, OC and LA Matchmakers


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