Hiring a professional firm to do the scouting and vetting of potential suitors on your behalf is not only a wise investment of your money and time, but a much more selective and diligent process that is tailored to your lifestyle. Busy executives hire nannies for their child care, the cleaners for their suits, gardeners to manicure their lawns, advisors for their finances, and coordinators for their weddings. Doing the same for their dating life really doesn’t seem that odd now, does it?

That being said, matchmaking agencies are not as taboo as most people suspect, nor are they the final destination of the socially inept, unattractive, or unwanted members of the dating pool. In fact, it’s the opposite. Matchmaking firms are full of the most selective, successful and sought-after singles in the city – people who have no place picking up men or women in a crowded bar or plastering their VIP mugs on dating sites. These are the crème de la crème of society as a matter of fact, and to be a part of, or date within a roster of that magnitude should be considered an honor.

There are a few caveats though, to being successful at an agency. Here are a few trade secrets  that most people don’t know or are too afraid to tell you because, just like life, reality isn’t always ideal. For one, these clients have a lot to offer, can usually buy whatever they want, and therefore when they join a service, their expectations are grand. What this means for you, is that you have to be even more grand. You must look your best, dress your best, have the best photos and stand out among the competition.

Male clients are visual. Rich men are even more so. Plus, they could date any young beautiful woman they meet, which means that to be wife material, you have to work on yourself inside and out meaning your personality as well.  You have to be slender, look youthful, grow your hair long, wear make-up, flattering clothes, and act like their feminine counterpart. They work in the corporate world every day, so the last thing they want is to have a reminder of that at home – their sanctuary. For a woman this means being supportive, attentive, understanding and keeping drama to a minimum. If you have a man who cares about you and takes care of you for the most part, life really isn’t that bad. Stop complaining, and don’t compete with him. This is the reality when dating a wealthy man. Like it or not.

Successful women should remember to keep the powerhouse mentality in the workplace and be the lady at home, or on the date. It is an unfortunately more trying, tiring aspect of being a woman in the workforce who still wants to fall in love, but this is the complaint I hear most often from men. Indeed, they admire, respect, and prefer a woman who does well on her own, but not at the cost of the relationship. This means that you must reserve time for him, and make your union number one in your life. This of course should apply to both partners.

The next advisement is to be realistic in your expectations. In order to attract what you want in another, you must be that yourself. If you are asking for a fit, athletic hard body, you can’t have a beer belly. If you want someone who is wealthy and will also have all the time in the world for your every whim, pick one. It takes hard work, lots of hours and dedication to make that money. So unless they inherited their fortune,  realize they aren’t going to have a wide open schedule. If you want a date every other day or every weekend, use an online dating site. Matchmaking agencies introduce you to candidates of quality who will have the highest likelihood of being compatible long-term – they are not programmed to match you to an endless assembly line of “perfect” suitors. Be patient with the process, and fill in your down time with other activities instead of relying on your matchmaker to shower you with single people. 

The last, and most important requirement for joining with an agency, is to be emotionally available. If you aren’t sure whether or not you are, or even what that means, see a therapist for a few sessions. This is not meant to sound abrasive, but it’s simply the truth. Clients pay a lot of money to be introduced to other singles who know what they want – but most crucially, know who they are. If you are just out of a serious relationship, divorce, marriage, or otherwise have unclaimed baggage, work that out first, give yourself some time to grow, heal and get situated before meeting anyone with marriage potential. And of course, if you meet someone you hit it off with, and it’s obvious they are equally into you, don’t wait another week or more to see them again. Be consistent, follow through, be reliable and show interest back.

We hope that sharing a few tricks of our trade will help you succeed in the high-end dating world of matchmaking agencies.

Good Luck!!

Written by: Sena Schmidt


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