Television may rot your brain, but that’s not the only thing.  According to studies, having a TV in your bedroom can also negatively impact your sex life, and that couples who have a TV in their bedrooms experience less sex than couples without the disruptive electronic.

Also, even the presence of a computer, a work desk, and even an open bookshelf can serve as a distraction in the one room in your home that should serve as a safe haven, a sanctuary, and a sensual atmosphere; not to mention the most important characteristic a bedroom should possess: romance. Include items that remind you of stress, work or anything other than the person lying next to you , and it will only create a more tense and jumbled mind before drifting off to sleep…or whatever other activity that takes place. 

Not to mention, who can possibly concentrate on lovin’ anyway when a re-run of Breaking Bad is on? I can’t say I blame the research.

So, nix the TV in the bedroom, friends. You can always catch up on work at work, and stream or record those shows for which you are so willing to forfeit some extra TLC.

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