Just thinking of these and writing them down tonight put me in a great mood. It is fine to complain about a world lacking love, or of people whose love is lacking, but each of us gets only the love we CREATE in this world. How? Some ideas:

 1. Find out her favorite type of flowers and get her some.

2. Take her out to dinner at a nice restaurant.

3. Go for a moonlit walk by the water.

4. Have a picnic in the park on a blanket.

5. Forgive and forget the little things that block love.

6. Take her on a weekend trip to the ocean, Muir Beach, for example.

7. Stay at a bed and breakfast Inn.

8. Have a love poem delivered at a restaurant.

9. Take her to a drive-in movie and make out.

10. Learn French and tell each other sweet things: “Je t’aime” ( I love you), “combien?” ( how much? ), “Je t’aime beaucoup!” ( “I love you very much”), “Je t’aime plus!” (“I love you more”)

11. Listen to her concerns and complaints, then help her let them go to enjoy life.

12. Learn what really makes her feel great physically.

13. Write her a creative love letter.

14. Spend an evening in a hotel with a private jacuzzi at the Luxor in Vegas.

15. Racy: Take her to an exclusive clothing optional hot springs resort.

16. Write her a love song.

17. Find out her birthday and make a BIG DEAL about it.

18. Find out her favorite color and use it.

19. Take her on a hike in the mountains.

20. Take her camping in a romantic tent for two.

21. Take her to local plays.

22. Take her to comedy shows.

23. Take her to dance clubs.

24. Cook her a candle-lit dinner at home.

25. Sing happily as you do the dishes.

26. Give her a back massage.

27. Get a romantic board game like “Kama Sutra” and play it.

28. Buy her exciting undergarments.

29. Buy her perfume (especially while you are in Paris).

30. Take her to Mt. Shasta’s panther meadows.

31. Take her to the State Fair.

32. Write her another love letter.

33. Write small love notes and let her find them.

34. Find out her dress size and take her shopping.

35. Go to an antique shop and browse.

36. Have a comfy PJ night with popcorn and videos.

37. Paint a picture together, take turns, 1 minute egg timer to switch.

38. Play free association with the lights out.

39. Help her do her chores (laundry, shopping, dusting, etc.)

40. Blindfold chocolate taste test. (Don’t leave chocolate in a bag in your car.)

41. Blindfold wine taste test. Is expensive best?

42. Take her to the Sacramento zoo.

43. Take her to the Grand Canyon.

44. Take her jewelry shopping.

45. Always have good breath and no bad body odors.

46. Go to a wedding together.

47. Listen to her life story with fascination.

48. Slow dance with her without music.

49. Cuddle on the couch.

50. Have pillow fight wrestling match wearing only your undergarments.

51. Hide from the world together under a blanket at the beach.

52. Take turns finding out where and when each other are ticklish.

53. Do yoga together. Make up your own yoga.

54. Take flirting lessons and have a flirting dinner.

55. Make out in the back seat of a car.

56. Get pet names for your private parts.

57. Collect “inside jokes” in a book for only the two of you.

58. Go to a pet store and look at cute animals.

59. Have goofy pictures taken together.

60. Read up on Tantra and practice with your partner.

61. Watch for things missing in her life and get them unasked.

62. Go on double dates with friends.

63. Always get driving directions before you take her anywhere.

64. Be on time. Calculate and give yourself a buffer for traffic.

65. Learn the names of everyone in her circle of friends and family.

66. Give her your own family tree with info about each of them.

67. Get and complete an “All About Us.” relationship book.

68. Every night kiss each eye and her forehead and say with each kiss one of “I love you”, “sweet dreams” and “goodnight”.

69. Take her spelunking (caving).

70. Get dressed up super formal for a Christmas party.

71. Compliment her figure.

72. Gaze lovingly into her eyes.

73. Give her a 10 minute head massage with some mild shampoo.

74. Read her Shakespeare’s sonnets.

75. Memorize a love poem for her.

76. Take her on a paddle boat for two.

77. Steam together in a sauna.

78. Take a bath together by candle light.

79. Read to each other during car trips, Catcher in the Rye, for example.

80. Play Frisbee in a park.

81. Visit Lava Bed’s National Monument.

82. Go ahead and say “I love you” when you feel it.

83. Hypnotize her to help her relax.

84. Keep her picture in your car, your wallet and at work.

85. Take a long lunch at work and meet her for a romantic snack.

86. Have a sunday BBQ.

87. Give her a long hug, out of the blue.

88. Take her to the Japanese Tea Gardens in San Francisco.

89. Take her to a circus.

90. Take her to a heavy metal concert.

91. Convert a digital photo of her into an oil painting.

92. Get one of those old-time western photos together.

93. Have the two of you drawn by an artist in Paris for her.

94. Run and work out several times per week to stay in shape.

95. Introduce her to your friends.

96. Write down dates of important events coming up in her life.

97. Write her a short “Choose your own adventure” story.

98. Ask about her dreams.

99. Save up for a trip for two to the canals of Venice, Italy. View by gondola.

100. Play the concentration game while driving.

101. Play footsies under the table.

102. Buy her an expensive bikini.

103. Play thumb wars, just to hold her hand.

104. Play with ice cubes on a hot day.

105. Have a pool party in her honor.

106. Pre-plant a love message under a rock and take a walk and find it.

107. Eskimo kiss.

108. Find out what qualities she values in a friend.

109. Butterfly kiss.

110. Teach her a magic trick.

111. Drive somewhere and “park” (hillside, airport.)

112. Take her to an art gallery.

113. Play truth or dare.

114. Give her a piggy back ride.

115. Buy her a stuffed animal.

116. Get her a musical instrument and play together.

117. Take her to the Little A’Le’Inn in Nevada

118. Go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras.

119. Try cross country snow skiing together.

120. Stay home, order a pizza and play cards.

121. Try to read each other’s minds (square, circle, star, triangle, or wavy lines.)

122. Travel the world and tell her your worldly stories.

123. Show her the finger butt trick on Xenophilia.com

124. Have champagne in a bucket of ice.

125. Take her wine tasting in Napa Valley.

126. Go very slow and drive her crazy with anticipation.

127. Give her a hand massage.

128. Have a special fortune cookie made just for her.

129. Write her a note on the refrigerator with magnets.

130. Bring her breakfast in bed.

131. Try burning incense and find her favorite.

132. Take her aroma therapy shopping for her favorite scents.

133. Make a list of foods she likes and dislikes.

134. Find out what perfume she wears.

135. Buy her expensive lipstick to wear on your dates.

136. Wear a cheap white shirt and have her leave kisses on the collar.

137. Buy her old fashioned nylons with a line down the back.

138. Ask her top 10 wishes.

139. Find out her favorite songs and bands.

140. Discover her top 10 favorite movies and why she likes them.

141. Have diamonds delivered with desert.

142. Have her pick clothes that she things look good on you and wear them.

143. Explain “cave time” (alone time) and use it.

144. Write her a poem while sitting under the Eiffel Tower.

145. Buy her satin sheets.

146. Make her delicous healthy sandwiches.

147. Lay on your backs and find shapes in the clouds.

148. Pick her up in a limo.

149. Visit Sedona, AZ.

150. Watch a parade together.

151. Buy food for her pet(s).

152. Introduce her to new healthy foods.

153. Kiss her wrists and forearms.

154. Give up caffeine together.

155. Get her a punching bag and boxing gloves.

156. Listen, on the floor between speakers to Hope, by Klaatu.

157. Have a running checker game, one move per day.

158. Play romantic blackjack and make up your own rules.

159. Play “creativity chess” where the object is to invent a new rule each move.

160. Dress sexy and go play pool and flirt with each other

161. Get bagels in the morning, sit and plan a vacation together.

162. Play “Dance Dance Revolution” until you are both sweaty.

163. Go bowling.

164. Play miniature golf.

165. Buy her a sexy white tennis skirt and play tennis.

166. Devour her with your whole mouth as if she was a mango.

167. Meet her parents and be nice.

168. Buy her a necklace of real pearls.

169. Take personality tests together and find out her type.

170. Find out her astrological sign and see if your match is in the stars.

171. Find out if your Chinese Zodiac animals match up.

172. Be quick to laugh, find humor every where.

173. Take her to the Winchester Mystery House.

174. Take her to the Oregon Vortex.

175. Take her to the Trees of Mystery.

176. Go to a nude beach wearing fake moustaches.

177. Swing on swings together.

178. Take dance lessons together.

179. Keep up with local events for date ideas beyond just movies.

180. Go to Yosemite, climb a small rock and say you went “rock climbing”

181. Go to Boulder Dam and walk on it together in the crazy heat.

182. Watch a sunrise.

183. Watch a sunset.

184. Watch shooting starts.

185. Go through a corn maze together.

186. Carve pumpkins together.

187. Decorate a christmas tree.

188. Kiss her under mistletoe

189. Become actors and be in a film together.

190. Go to an “open mic night” and hear music.

191. Go to a poetry reading and read a poem from memory.

192. Stay at the Jabberwock Inn in Monterey CA.

193. See Sea Lion Caves.

194. Tell her sexy jokes.

195. Watch the move Secretary together and see what she thinks.

196. Make up a funny dance for her.

197. See Shasta Dam at night.

198. Rent a house boat.

199. Shoot pistols at a firing range.

200. Go water skiing.

201. Play darts on a home dart board, winner gets a romantic treat.

202. Play Lover’s Stratego (make up your own rules.)

203. Take her to Bryce Canyon and Arches National Park.

204. Take her to a fashion show.

205. Take her dancing at the UCD Whole Earth Festival and wear hippy garb.

206. Take her to see Jason Mraz.

207. Play around romantically during a hike in the woods.

208. Run or jog together to stay in shape.

209. See Meteor Crater.

210. Visit Canada, especially Vancouver in the Summer.

211. Visit Mexico, first Tijuana, then a somewhat nicer place.

212. Take her to see a classical string quartet.

213. Take her to see a live jazz show.

214. Watch a live ballroom dance contest.

215. See a fortune teller together, one with a crystal ball.

216. Go to a big political protest.

217. Go to the Exotic Erotic Ball in San Francisco together.

218. Got to a church service in a beautiful old church.

219. Open doors for her (if she likes.)

220. At dinner, don’t sit until she sits.

221. At dinner, push in her seat, unless the waiter does it.

222. Take her to the town where you were born.

223. Ride in a rickshaw.

224. At dinner, wait to start eating until she does.

225. Help her on and off with her coat.

226. Go ice skating at an outdoor rink.

227. Go roller skating together and hold hands.

228. Brush her hair.

229. Kiss slowly down her spine.

230. Buy her a fancy bra for extra cleavage.

231. Visit a costume shop together.

232. Hire a Mariachi Band to follow you around in a park.

233. Use pre-arranged signals to have the band play, stop, soft, and loud.

234. Watch the Wizard of Oz while listening to Dark Side of the Moon.

235. Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge.

236. Take a helicopter tour to Alcatraz.

237. Ride in a train with her with a sleeper car.

238. Go to a funeral of someone you don’t know an be somber.

239. Buy her popcorn at a romantic movie.

240. Pick her up and walk into the warm ocean.

241. Dip her deeply while kissing her.

242. Take her on a tour at Empire Gold Mine, Nevada City.

243. Have a bust carved of her.

244. Buy her a diamond engagement ring.

245. Research ways to propose marriage and tell her the worst.

246. Dream about a house together.

247. Talk about having kids or not.

248. Take her to a casino and play every game once.

249. Take her up in the Stratosphere Hotel in Vegas at night.

250. Take her up in the Space Needle in Seattle, WA.

251. Take her on the underground tour of Seattle.

252. Test biting pressure tolerance on different body parts.

253. Visit and adult shop and buy a toy and or a book.

254. Go to Hollywood and take her to the Derby for a show.

255. Eat breakfast at the 101 Coffee Shop in Hollywood and watch for stars.

256. Get bubble gum and blow bubbles together.

257. Share some sushi.

258. Take her out to shoes-off pillow-sitting Thai food.

259. Take her to your favorite bench in a park.

260. Teach her self hypnosis tricks.

261. Kiss her in the full moon light.

262. See an art car show together.

263. Take her to a peep eating contest and throw peeps.

264. Take her to a monster truck rally and leave early.

265. Take her to the horse races.

266. Talk for hours about the universe.

267. Get a cheap old coat, find a puddle, and lay it down for her.

268. Buy her a monogrammed silk handkerchief.

269. Take her to a Renaissance Fair and call her “m’lady” or “saucy wench.”

270. Ask for and save a lock of her hair.

271. Visit Berney Falls.

272. Show her your wardrobe and ask which things she likes most and least.

273. Learn her position on issues in the news.

274. Take a close up picture of her eyes and paint them.

275. Look at furniture and agree on things.

276. Take SCUBA lessons with her.

277. Take her to Disneyland.

278. Play ping pong.

279. Collect sea shells together.

280. Climb Mt. Lassen together.

281. Look at each other in a mirror. Nice couple!

282. Rent a convertible T-bird and drive to the ocean.

283. Buy her a food processor and make pesto for her.

284. Get her a year’s subscription to NetFlix.

285. Buy her a water filter because you care about her health.

286. Watch old and new romantic comedies for romantic ideas.

287. Grow a vegetable garden together.

288. Laugh when you hurt yourself or something breaks.

289. Laugh when you have bad luck, frame it as good.

290. Teach her eye exercises to improve vision.

291. Give up processed sugar and understand why it is evil.

292. Teach her Xeno’s secrets of tooth health.

293. Take her to an island, like Hawaii.

294. Visit ancient ruins in Peru.

295. See the pyramids in Egypt.

296. Take her on an African Safari.

297. Hoola hoop together.

298. Get her belly dance lessons.

299. Call her unexpectedly at work and say “I love you. That’s all. Bye.”

300. Send her her daily horoscope via email.

301. Get her a biorhythm calculator.

302. Get her a computer and teach her how to use it.

303. Jump on a trampoline together.

304. Swim with her in the moonlight.

305. Just an unexpected kiss on the cheek.

306. Drive or walk at night to look at Christmas lights.

307. Have egg nog and watch Christmas cartoons.

308. Roll slowly down a grassy knoll with her.

309. Have a water balloon fight.

319. Walk barefoot in the sand.

320. Have a snowball fight.

321. Give her a foot massage with oil.

322. Learn together how the brain works, memory, emotions, etc.

323. Buy her a sexy dress in Paris.

324. Take her on a walk in a warm rain.

325. Hold her at night while sleeping.

326. Make her hot chocolate.

327. Play in sprinklers.

328. Make home made ice cream with a hand crank and rock salt.

329. Buy her a bean bag chair built for two.

330. Send her a postcard from London.

331. Kiss her under the covers with only a flashlight on.

332. Name a star after her in the International Star Registry.

333. Learn lucid dreaming together and meet in a dream.

334. Take her to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

335. Take a long road trip together.

336. Squeeze into phone booths together.

337. Hold a picnic in a tree fort.

 338. Bunch of flowers with a ring inside one flower (for those proposing)

 339. Make her a mix tape (CD) of your favorite love songs.

340. Hire a piano player to play her favorite song while she sits under the baby grand.

341. Rent a comedy and agree that each time either of you laughs, you have to kiss.

342. Set up a clue hunt (not too hard!) with notes that lead your love to you.

 343. Hug and kiss while trying to squash and pop balloons between your bodies in bed.

 344. Try different kinds of kisses and take turns naming them. “Flickerous upperlippium”

345. Pretend to be strangers. Meet somewhere and pick each otherup with bad pick up lines.

 346. “Pick a number between one and ten “… don’t explain. Lean close, whisper “Nope, you lose. Take off your clothes.”

 347. Blindfold, lead your love into the kitchen and have her guess the foods you’ve prepared beforehand. If correct, she gets a kiss.

348. Have a candle wax night.

349. Play “hide-and-seek” in the rain.

350. Write “I Love You” on the bathroom mirror.

351. Float a love note in a bottle in the bathtub.

352. Light candles in tin foil boat in a swimming pool.

353. Know her bra, panty, shoe, pants and stocking sizes. Know her finger size (for rings that fit).

354. Toast each other when you sit down to dinner.

355. Take pictures of your meals before you eat as a way of apprciateing them.

356. Rent or buy a tuxedo and get really dressed up for dinner, just for fun.

357. Run your fingers through her hair and speak softly while as she falls asleep.

358. Rent a bicycle built for two.

359. When the time is right, nibble on her neck and ears.

360. Relax on a rug in front of a fire on a cold day.

361. Go take hang gliding lessons together.

362. Paint eachother with red and white wine and different paint brushes.

 363. Have a hands-free night. Touch your partner with any other body parts.

 364. Warm a towel in the dryer for her for when she gets out of the shower.

365. When you go out, offer her your arm, and escort her everywhere.

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