Since the theme continues on questions that are commonly asked I thought it might be more fun to ask the client! And since he is such a cool guy, he politely obliged.

funny interview cartoon

1. So, why with all of your hesitation about being matched, and working with a Matchmaker, did you decide to work with me?

Because I like your vibe and professionalism. When we first spoke, I felt you were a good option for what I really wanted. I am also an intuitive person in both my personal and business life. 

2.  After your first few matches how much did you want to fire me?

Hahaha. I really liked-like you and felt – feel a personal friendship based relationship with you, so actually hated trying to fire you but did try like hell :). 

3.  We’re you surprised by your last match?

Nothing in this world or universe could have surprised me more. Never expected what you delivered in my last match!

4.  How did this experience change you, if it did?

This experience has changed my whole life in an immeasurable , unfathomable  just amazing positive way. You delivered the person I have waited for my whole life yet didn’t believe existed. The connection , interests , views, everything are in complete alignment and compatibility. She is the most amazing person I have ever met. No other way to describe it but stupid in love with her and she’s my soulmate. 

5. Would you tell anyone you hired a Matchmaker? 

Maybe eventually. For now probably not.

6. How do we compare to online dating? 

Never used them, but no comparison 🙂




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