As the founders of The Agency can attest to, if you want the most success out of your dating strategy, you must be more open-minded. We cannot stress to our clients enough that if they were only a little less stringent about their parameters, they could significantly increase their chances of finding lasting love – not something insignificant that is based on superficial qualities, such as looks, height, amount of hair on the person’s head or their age.

Both Toni Bergquist and Sena Schmidt, found the loves of their lives in unexpected ways – and both will readily admit that they were not all that blown away by their suitors to begin with. Both will say their current partners were initially dorky, not their usual “types” or otherwise less than impressive. However, little by little, as they eased into the beginning stages of friendship and spent more time with them and getting to know the “real” person inside, magic began to happen.  These doting, attentive and loving men started to become more attractive in front of their eyes, almost overnight. Suddenly, there it was: that elusive ingredient we call chemistry. Which goes to show you, it does NOT always happen instantly – nor on the first, second or even third date.

Our clients at times are much too quick to brush off a perfectly decent possibility after a few dates simply because they don’t hit all of our checklist items. Those are useful in a grocery store…not so much in dating. Instant fireworks do not always happen for everyone, and even so, they are not a guarantee for a lasting relationship anyway. So, give a chance to the slow burns.

Keep your “shopping list” where it belongs and remember that they should never apply to people. More importantly, start opening your mind so you can finally open your heart.



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  1. Yasmine B

    Maybe I’m just jaded but I go out with all different types but i’m always physically attracted to the guy who is always the wrong one for me. He’s usually not very nice, to put it kindly.,,,,any suggestions?

    January 14, 2014 Reply

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