At our company, we definitely want everyone to feel comfortable being themselves – in fact, it is nearly a requirement. We expect that as a potential client, you show us who you are, inside and out, so that we get a solid feel for who you are, and therefore know how to properly match you.

However one thing has to be said about feeling a little too comfortable in any “relationship”, so this is meant as a word of advice, not a judgment; First impressions don’t only apply to first dates, but first meetings as a whole. With that said, we just don’t understand what goes through someone’s mind when, knowing they are coming in to interview (because that is what a consultation is in this business), especially with an upscale agency, looking like something the cat dragged in.

You can imagine our confusion when single men or women show up at our meetings dressed in scrubs, gym clothes, pajamas, or otherwise unprofessional, unkempt, shoddy appearances, and stress to us the importance of meeting someone with “physical appeal and great style”. For us to be able to “sell” you to the client, you just as equally need to “sell” yourself to us – and that means putting your best foot forward, brushing your hair, applying at least a little make up, and dress as you would for a date. I mean, what are we? Chopped liver?

In all seriousness though, we mention this because we care, and we want you to be successful in your introductions. So “help us help you” and walk through that door the very best version of yourself so that we are “Wowed”, are eager and proud to match you, and feel confident knowing that you will rock it on your date with them, and not show up to Mastro’s in your Lulu Lemons (even though they’re fantastic and all).



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