Are We Just to Scared to talk about Love?

Swipe left, swipe right, WHO will I hook up with tonight?

LOVE:  The topic is like the taboo of our nation. The biggest thing in all of our lives…nothing else makes sense, I’m wondering why we don’t talk about REAL LOVE in the media. We talk about EVERYTHING but when it comes to love we find that in Music and Movies all over the place, and plenty of them. But not real news. Blogs, stories, gossip and social media, celebrity love gossip, but not top news, not like it matters. Not like it really matters all that much other than judging others relationships, we’re good at that. We’re so good at judging the things we should be learning the most.

I wonder why we don’t delve in our very deep, deep need for love? Do we feel ashamed to talk about the fact that we need love – that despite what we want to believe (some of us) love is everything. Do we feel ashamed when we cannot define love? We seek it everywhere, love…is… why we’re here.

So why does it seem that when it comes to talking about it…LOVE…we turn the other way or don’t really want to talk about it because it’s uncomfortable. But we love to talk, on a smaller scale, about love and dating and that’s probably the number one or two topics most people discuss. But on a National scale it’s really only for entertainment purposes, not real life, not everyday life. It doesn’t make the news very often, how the lack of love in the world has single handedly begun the destruction of the very communities we built. It’s a very long list and these topics, they are certainly not gracing the cover of TIME Magazine and headline news. We can’t be that authentic, can we?
Maybe I live in a fantasy world, one in which people finally open their eyes to the importance of love and the importance of being good to one another, in all areas on life. We don’t want to talk about love out loud (i.e. the Media) so we can keep doing the best we can, to be good to others, to spread love, inward first. Than let your love light up the world.

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