Want a second date? Think that you’ve met someone you really want to get to know? Well I took a poll and came up with the top six reasons women don’t want a second date. Don’t take it personally but take it to heart because old fashioned romance is a lost art.

  1. Leave your ego elsewhere. Don’t brag about your assets, your financial state, what you can buy, etc. Be humble, literally we don’t want to hear about your stuff, we want to get to know you. When you talk about your stuff your associating who you are with what you can buy and it’s a total turn-off.
  2. Please leave your phone off and in your pocket. We don’t want to compete with your cell phone and you don’t want to compete with ours. Don’t think it’s not a big deal, it is.
  3. Don’t talk about your exes or ask about ours.
  4. Bring flowers! It’s the smallest gesture that makes the biggest difference and it’s rare nowadays. Don’t think it’s too much to bring flowers on your first date, we love it.
  5. Let the conversation flow, please do not  just talk about yourself, ask us questions.
  6. If you like her, don’t wait 3 days to call or text her. You should call her the next day and let her know you had a nice time and would like to see her again. Keeping her waiting will just annoy her as it would probably annoy you if she didn’t return your call or text.

Dating is really very simple, we make it hard.


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