10 Things I’ve Learned So Far From Being An Entrepreneur.

I seem to love a challenge when it comes to my career. I learned at a very early age that the worst anyone can say is no. This isn’t everything but the top things I’ve come to understand in my journey as an entrepreneur so far.

  1. I love that I get to be a Matchmaker, it really is my soul career and it makes me so happy when I can change someone’s life, But it’s hard and it never ends and not everyone will be happy but I don’t care because it doesn’t feel like work. If I didn’t love it I couldn’t handle the hustle.
  2. I’ve become much more open to sharing my journey with others. Being real, being flawed and being honest about it brings with it respect (to the right people). I don’t have to be perfect to help others, I try to inspire others by my imperfections and desire to improve.
  3. I only work with people I really like, if someone is rude to me I won’t work with them. No amount of money is worth someone else’s negativity.
  4. I don’t respect the dating industry as much as I wish I did.
  5. My clients age range is between 25-5, 80 percent are in their late 20’s – early 30’s. At the company I worked at before they mostly worked with an older clientele, getting a client in their 20’s rarely happened.
  6. Not being able to find a quality partner in this day and age of dating/hook up apps is common.
  7. The clients who really want to find love will.
  8. The younger male clients are much more open to feedback and learning.
  9. If I’m not 100 percent on I can’t expect my business to work.
  10. I have to work around like minded people who want to change the world and are positive. My goal is love and when I’m encouraged it’s the best gift.

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